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Mega Ester II 80 Gallon

Biodiesel processor


  • 80 gallon biodiesel production in 8-14 hours
  • 110 gallon conical bottom poly tank for biodiesel reaction
  • 17 gallon conical bottom poly tank for methoxide mixing
  • Both tanks rated for 140 degrees F
  • 55 gallon waste oil prefiltering station with 400 micron barrel filter
  • Patent pending methoxide mixer: built-in, electo-magnetic corrosive chemical pump, hands free for safe handling, 100% dissolution of catalyst
  • Two patent pending 21 port biodiesel drying system: dry in 3 hrs. Others on the market dry time can be 12 hours
  • Switch control panel for pumps and heater with thermostat: adaptable to easy timer retrofit
  • Pneumatic methanol transfer pump for safe handling and transfer from source
  • Built-in 220 V heater, 4500 watts, 45-80 minute heat time
  • 2 mixing pumps for total 1440 gal/hr
  • 1 inch steel plumbing manifold between reactor and methoxide tanks, brass ball valves, can handle 135+ degrees
  • Industrial strength, solid 2 inch square tubing metal stand, easily moved with pallet jack or fork lift
  • Mist water wash system installed
  • Vent lines installed for releasing vapors outdoors
  • Inline thermometer for easy temperature reading
  • Commercial 10 micron Wix fuel pump filter
  • 10 ft 3/4" fuel hose with 3/4" fuel nozzle
  • 12 gauge, 12 ft cord
  • Power requirements: single phase 4 wire, 220V, 30 amp
  • Dimensions: length 60” x width 48” x height 84”, 300 lbs
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use

Safety Kit and Accessories Include:

  • Splash proof chemical goggles
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Respirator
  • Acid testing/ Titration kit
  • Small digital scale for test batches

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The Mega II processor.....the newest processor from Evolution Biodiesel!  Call our sales team for shipping quote and more information about purchasing.

Regular price $4,995
plus shipping

Sale price $4100 plus shipping

Lifetime warranty on tanks and stands, biodiesel info packet, operating instructions and client support included.

Pay only $300 for 1 year warranty on parts

Equipment Cost:


Call our sales team for shipping quote and more information about purchasing.

All Pick ups for biodiesel processors and equipment by appointment only and between the hours of M-F 8am-5pm CST.

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