How To Make Biodiesel

Imagine being able to power your fleet of vehicles with an affordable fuel made from a renewable resource, less harmful to the environment then petroleum fuels, and less expensive than traditional fuels. It might surprise you to know that the main component of such a fuel may already be in your home: vegetable oil. The same material that you use for cooking can in fact be used to fuel many cars and trucks with no modification to the vehicle.

That is not to say that you can just pour vegetable oil into a vehicle's diesel tank. Instead, you'll need to convert the vegetable oil to biodiesel before you can use it. If you're wondering how you can make biodiesel, we provide you with the equipment and instruction that you'll need at

Our Kits Include Instructions on How to Make Biodiesel

We include instructions that show you how to make biodiesel with all of our biodiesel kits, and many of our kits come with a DVD. The first thing that you'll need is a resource that provides large quantities of vegetable oil, which you can often get for free from local restaurants. If you're working with used vegetable oil, you'll need to filter out food particles, and you may want to remove any excess water from the oil.

One of the most critical steps in making biodiesel is the titration, which is how you determine how much catalyst to use with the oil solution. Heating the solution is how the biodiesel will be separated from the glycerin. You may also need to wash and dry the solution to remove any soap residue from the biodiesel that you make prior to using it. To find out more about how to make biodiesel, call us today at (281) 652-5716 or send a message to us at