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Biodiesel Making Kits

Biodiesel making kits have been around for years, though crafting them has primarily remained a do-it-yourself project. With the recent increases in energy costs, there has been a tremendous interest in alternative fuels, including biodiesel. Instead of waiting for Big Oil to come up with alternatives to their profitable fuels, you may want to explore the biodiesel making kits that we offer at www.evolutionbiodieselkits.com.

If you operate heavy equipment that runs on diesel or have a fleet of diesel vehicles, fuel may be a significant cost for you. With our biodiesel making kits, you can process used oil and convert it to fuel. Best of all, many restaurants are more than happy to part with their used oil, making it easy for you to acquire the raw materials that you need to produce biodiesel.

Mini Ester Biodiesel Making Kits

For the average consumer, our smaller biodiesel making kits are the right size (our mini ester is capable of producing 13 gallons in just 14 hours). For businesses, however, we recommend our larger biodiesel making kits, which can store many more gallons of biodiesel. In addition to having separate tanks for the raw oil and processed biodiesel, we've integrated a heater, thermometer, and washing system into our kits, providing you with everything that you need to make biodiesel.

Depending on the amount of fuel that you consume each year, you can recover your expenditures in savings in a relatively short time. Biodiesel has also been found to be a better lubricant for engines than petroleum diesel, so they may require less maintenance over time. To find out more about our biodiesel making kits, contact us today at sales@evolutionbiodieselkits.com or (281) 652-5716.

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