Evolution Biodiesel Kits are helping to make this planet a better, more efficient and more environmentally friendly place to live for every generation to come.
Evolve your biodiesel processing with Evolution Biodiesel!

Mega Ester Biodiesel Processor - CLICK HERE for more information!

Mega Ester Biodiesel Processor

A full processor kit with a 40 gallon production, heating system, oil filtering barrel...

New SALE Price $2800

Regular $3495
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Mega Ester II biodiesel processor - 80 gal production

Mega Ester II
Biodiesel Processor

A full processor kit with a 80 gallon production in 8-14 hours, built-in 220 V heater, 4500 watts, 45-80 minute heat time...

New SALE Price $4100

Regular $4995
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Dry Wash Evo-Kleen Filtration Towers - CLICK HERE for more information!

Evo Kleen™ 1000 Dry Wash

New, upgrades any biodiesel system , user friendly, polishes finished biodiesel...

ON SALE $3900

Regular $4500

See full specs....

Farm Boss Biodiesel Processor - CLICK HERE for more information!

Farm Boss Biodiesel Processor

230 gallons of biodiesel batch production in 8 to 14 hours, great for businesses...

New SALE Price $6600

Regular $7995
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Evolution Biodiesel gives you the tools and know-how to make premium diesel fuel that improves vehicle performance, burns cleaner, and has excellent lubricating properties. Biodiesel is a diesel fuel equivalent that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and sustainable. Let us evolve your energy to a clean and economic fuel with our biodiesel processors, equipment and supplies. Make it yourself!

  • See our FAQ page for answers to basic biodiesel questions.

  • New Department of Energy Tax Incentives for Biodiesel Equipment sold after 2005

  • See our Equipment and Accessories page to buy products for making biodiesel such as a heating and drying system, titration kit, barrel filter, pumps etc.

  • We not only manufacture and design biodiesel processors, but we also supply necessary accessories for making biodiesel. Need a heating and drying system for your biodiesel processor that you already own....

  • Find news and information links to biodiesel fuel, climate change, and green websites on our biodiesel links page.

  • BLOG: Find out more about upcoming events, technical info, new products and other interesting bio news.

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Save your money and environment. Choose the clear and clean alternative to diesel fuel. Start making your own biodiesel fuel for 85 cents per gallon!

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